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To be the most Innovation partner in East Asia
MoneyToday Media

MoneyToday Media is the fastest-growing media organization in Korea for the past 19 years since its foundation in 1999. MoneyToday has positioned itself as a ‘Big 3 Economic Newspater’. According to a 2015 survey by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, its high shares in internet news, which is the 1st for the economic section and the 2nd in general, is another indication of its strong influence on Korean news readers.

MoneyToday Media group, which includes 20 Subsidiaries and media channel, currently reports more than KRW 130 billion in revenue and has never had any deficits since 2002 – a legendary record among Korean media organizations.

Its global network is strong and extensive, partnering with globally-renowned institutions such as Turning Points magazine, New York Times (the only photo agency in Korea), Bloomberg, Reuters, AFP, CBSi (ZDNet and CNet), and the Chinese People’s Daily, Hexun, and China Organization. In addition, it publishes global fashion magazines such as Lofficiel Hommes and LEON, serving as a gateway of global media to Korea.

MoneyToday Media is most suitable if you are keen on building a wide network that covers businesses in East Asia, not just in Korea. MoneyToday Media has an outstanding ability in planning content. It brings the most hot issues to its readers one step ahead of others. It does not simply raise issues, but goes ahead and makes suggestions.

MoneyToday Media ensures the content brought up is translated into a policy through its collaboration with government institutions. Its network is robust across government, business, and academia.

MoneyToday Media has been leading the future of media for the Republic of Korea, as is demonstrated by its hosting of K.E.Y. PLATFORM, a global conference with a new concept launched in 2013. K.E.Y. PLATFORM, which celebrates its 6th anniversary this year, has established itself as an icon of Korean innovation. A new future will unfold before us, and MoneyToday Media will usher in the new future with you.