Title: K.E.Y. PLATFORM 2024

Date: April 25 (Thu)~ April 26 (Fri), 2024

Venue: Conrad Seoul, Korea

Host: MoneyToday Media

Organizer: MoneyToday Media, The Korea Conference, PADO, UNICORN FACTORY

It is an opportunity of learning where entrepreneurs, scholars and experts who have never before appeared in conferences in Korea bring to us their insight and know-how. It is an interactive conference as we do not stop at presentations and formal discussions and invite all participants of the K.E.Y. PLATFORM to freely discuss and share their ideas and knowledge.

K.E.Y. PLATFORM is a result of great contemplation. The journalists at MoneyToday Media spend months and sometimes a whole year for a special feature coverage, which provides rich contents for the conference. The thoughts are widely shared at K.E.Y.PLATFORM. Joint research projects with corporations, universities and research institutes from home and abroad provide accurate and responsible contents. In the two-day conference, the contents become more enriched through the plenary session, breakout sessions, special sessions, special presentations, no-limit debates, workshops and talk concerts where the speakers and the audience contribute their ideas and insights.

K.E.Y. PLATFORM offers solutions. Methodologies and action plans that can be used at the workplace to solve problems will satisfy everyone at the organization, from the top leaders, senior managers to the working-level employees whether it is a government organization or a private sector company. In addition, all contents dealt with at the conference which has gone through extensive coverage and research is published so that it can be used as a guideline for problem-solving at the work sites. By responding to all kinds of problem-solving requirements through various channels, K.E.Y. PLATFORM is growing into a truly best solution platform in Korea.