Spacetime of Ionization: Scale Up the Brilliance.K

A special coverage team for K.E.Y. PLATFORM 2024 was launched in November 2023 – one year before the U.S. presidential election – and has been covering presidential election issues by interviewing local political figures and experts in the U.S. An expert whom the team met earlier this year said, "Apart from predicting who will win the election, policy leaders and researchers around the world are creating scenarios based on Trump’s election win, and North Korea's provocative missile launches are also part of their preparations for the years to come if Trump wins."

The U.S. presidential election is the biggest global issue in 2024. The re-election of the incumbent President Joe Biden will make it easier to maintain our current U.S. foreign policy stance, but we are also paying attention to the possibility of major changes that will take place if former President Donald Trump is confirmed as the Republican nominee and wins the November election.

The K.E.Y. PLATFORM 2024 will examine domestic and international issues that will affect the U.S. presidential election, and also look closely into the global issues that the outcome of the U.S. election will impact. According to the reports by the Special Coverage Team, the prevailing prediction is that the U.S. election would be more influenced by domestic issues such as economy, jobs, abortion, immigration, climate change, and political polarization than external issues. Furthermore, the final outcome of the U.S. election is expected to have far-reaching implications on global issues in all areas, ranging from the "two wars" - Russia-Ukraine war and Israeli-Hamas war - to climate change.

If Trump is elected, many of the Biden Administration's policies could be wiped out. The US-led alliances and partnerships could face change again, and the US-ROK alliance will be put to the test again. On the other hand, China's challenges to the U.S. and the US-China conflict will continue, regardless of the outcome of the presidential election in America.

In the end, what Korea can and should do now is to strengthen the ROK-US-Japan Trilateral Cooperation System, according to many of the experts that the Special Coverage Team has met. The Biden Administration has been strengthening the trilateral cooperation as one of the critical pillars for its Indo-Pacific Strategy and views the current level of cooperation as "unprecedented." Even the word is out that the security cooperation mechanism linking South Korea, the US, and Japan will continue even if the head of the American government is changed.

The ROK-US-Japan Cooperation System goes beyond the Indo-Pacific region and plays a key role in maintaining international order as a whole, raising expectations in many aspects. Maintaining stability and peace in the Indo-Pacific region can bring stability and prosperity to the world. As Korea, America, and Japan are major powers and economies that can provide solutions to internationally important issues, they can also create new growth engines through technological innovation and cooperation.