Speaker Information


  • Don Q Kim PADO Magazine Editor in Chief
  • Heejeong Cho Chung-Ang University Professor Introduction to PADO Editor Network
  • Subin Kim PADO Magazine Managing Editor
  • Sieun Choi Party Member
  • Jinwon Chae Kyunghee University Professor

Plenary Session 1

  • Anchor : Andrew Wrobel Anchor of K.E.Y. PLATFORM, Founding Partner of Emerging Europe
  • Anthony B. Kim The Index of Economic Freedom of The Heritage Foundation Research Manager & Editor
  • Edwin J. Feulner The Heritage Foundation Founder
  • Don Q Kim PADO Magazine Editor in Chief Building “Pacific Foedus”, Somewhere Between MAGA and BBB
  • Nile Gardiner The Heritage Foundation Director, Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom
  • Danny Meza Raben Group Principal
  • Eric Hontz Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) Director, Center for Accountable Investment
  • Alex Serban Atlantic Treaty Association Member of the Board & Former Vice President
  • Martins Vargulis Latvian Institute of International Affairs Deputy Director
  • Yuya Watase Kyuukoku Thinktank Board Member

Special Session 1

  • Jaesoo Kim KISTI President
  • Byoungho Son KISTEP Vice President
  • Changhyun Park KISTEP Research Fellow
  • Kyong-Ha Lee KISTI Leader of Large-Scale AI Group
  • Benno Beuting Cordis SUITE CEO Dreaming Machines: Awaken the Giant within
  • Hongjun Choi Upstage Vice President
  • Jiwon Cha SK C&C Group Leader
  • Keon Bok Lee Microsoft Korea Digital & App Innovation Lead

Special Session 2

  • Wonseok Song KAGC (Korean American Grassroots Conference) Executive Director
  • Danny Meza Raben Group Principal
  • Carlos Gorito Coreanissima Co-Founder
  • Hae Chan Moon Mirrorboard corp. CEO
  • Harakat Ibtissam Youtube KIM MISO Founder

Plenary Session 2

  • Jenny Chu The Korea Conference Chairman
  • HyoSang Ryou Unicorn Business Institute President Challenges and Opportunities for Korean Innovators at the Advent of the AI Era
  • Roman Park Black Mountain Ventures Managing Partner
  • Perry Ha Draper Athena CEO
  • Ted Jeong Adelphi Ventures Managing Partner The Expansion of the Era of the Bio-Revolution
  • Jae Won Kim VantAI COO/CFO Fundamental Change in Drug Development Approach: Discovery of New Drugs through the Application of AI Technology
  • Harrison Yoon Kula Bio COO From Excess to Equilibrium: AgBioTech for Rebalancing Carbon and Nitrogen Against Extinction
  • Jung Lee Sinogen Biopharma Inc. Chief Business Officer How Big Pharma Companies Value Asset
  • Kyung Moon Min Valuefinder CEO

Special Session 3

  • Anchor : Sunjoon In The Zooing Company CEO
  • Jongkap Kim Global Digital Innovation Network President & CEO Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway - Global Growth of Innovative Technology Companies
  • Chi-Ho Choi Korea Science & Technology Holdings CEO In the Age of the Transition to Deep Tech Innovation Economy, How to Create a Deep Tech Start-up Ecosystem
  • Taha Saran Presidency of Turkiye Investment Office Country Advisor Türkiye: Destination for Early-stage Investments
  • Ki Dong Yoon Korea Science & Technology Holdings Executive Director KST Deep Tech Planning and Entrepreneurship Challenge Program
  • Sanghee Lee Sendbird General Manager of APAC Integrating Internationalization into Your Company's DNA
  • Phillip Vincent Plug and Play Japan CEO The Role of Startups in Deep Tech Open Innovation in Japan
  • Ylva Strander Vinnova Head of Department Building A Deep Tech Startup Ecosystem - The Swedish Case
  • Yunjeong Choi KISTI Director of Technology Commercialization Research Center Apollo AI, an AI Platform for Creating Public R&D Values
  • Eun Sun Kim KISTI Director of Data Analysis Division