Speaker Information


  • Mitchell Goldberg University of Basel PhD Candidate Land Valuation in the Metaverse
  • Hrish Lotlikar SuperWorld Co-Founder and CEO SuperWorld: Leveraging the Metaverse to Build a Better World
  • Teresa Chan VereNFT Marketing Manager Metaverse: the Next Stop for Brands and Influencers
  • Joshua Oh dob studio CEO Why People Like Virtual Humans
  • Majid Mushtaq GIN Pakistan Ambassador Metaverse - Your best bet to take your brand to the next level
  • SANOVAR GIN Uzbekistan Ambassador New Contents in Metaverse
  • JiXi Wu XingYun Group President of the Korean branch
  • WeiWei Liu IFLYTEK Country General Manager of Korea
  • QingLing Meng Ctrip Korea Finance manager

Plenary Session 1

  • Andrew Wrobel Emerging Europe Founding Partner
  • Anthony B. Kim The Index of Economic Freedom of The Heritage Foundation Research Manager & Editor
  • Edwin J. Feulner The Heritage Foundation Founder
  • Tae-Shin Kwon The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) Vice Chairman & CEO
  • Jun Young Choi Yulchon LLC / Globe Lab Senior Consultant The Post Russia-Ukraine War: The Great Shift of the Axis
  • Jongduck (Drake) Hwang K.E.Y. PLATFORM Managing Director Unstable World: Materialization of Complicated Risks
  • Nile Gardiner The Heritage Foundation Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom Director
  • Alex Serban Atlantic Treaty Association Vice President
  • Eric Hontz Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) Center for Accountable Investment Director
  • Sorin Preda Global Vision Founder & CEO

Special Session 1

  • Daniel Wolven Embassy of Sweden in Seoul Ambassador
  • Byung-Seon Jeong KISTEP President KISTEP Think 2022 Science Technology Innovation Policy
  • Jaesoo Kim KISTI President Data Science and Data Economy
  • Donggi Lee KISTEP Associate Research Fellow Top 10 Future Technologies for Achieving the National GHG Reduction Target for 2030
  • Hong-Woo Chun Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information Director of Future Technology Analysis Center Future of Data Analysis: Into Daily Lives
  • Charles Brenner City of Hope National Medical Center PhD, Alfred E Mann Family Foundation Chair of Diabetes & Cancer Metabolism How to Know What We Don’t Know: Innovations in Metabolism
  • Uwe Cantner Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation (EFI) at the Federal German Government Chairman Global Technology Agenda
  • Alexander Renner Scientific Affairs Counsellor
  • Anders Hektor Embassy of Sweden in Seoul Counsellor at Science and Innovation Office

Special Session 2

  • Hyunsoo Jeong MoneyToday Reporter Not MZ But YS
  • Nam-Hui Hwang Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs Research Fellow Changes in the Characteristics of the Elderly Generation
  • Keisuke Otsu Keio University Professor Population aging and the Japanese Economy
  • Kyung-Ha, Park Korea Labor Force Development Insititute for the aged Research Center Director Changing Jobs for the Elderly
  • Dong Woo Lee AGE Lab Korea CEO Senior Segment & Business Trend
  • Marek Hasa Kaleido VR Founder & CEO Tackling loneliness with profoundly human-centric innovations
  • Jinyeol Lee KSL Co., Ltd CEO Silver Tech Startups Growing Via DigiLog
  • Dong Chan Lee Actor Most-Awaited Old Age

Plenary Session 2

  • Gyehyon Andrea Jo MVLASF CEO/President/Founder New Model for Born-Global: K-Diaspora 4.0
  • HyoSang Ryou Unicorn Business Institute President Unicorns: From New Normal to Normal
  • Perry Ha Draper Athena Managing Director
  • Roman Park Black Mountain Ventures Managing Partner
  • Jongkap Kim Born2Global Centre Chief Executive Director
  • Ted Jeong SV Bio Ventures, LP Managing Partner Going Public with a US SPA
  • Art Estopinan The Estopinan Group, LLC President Road to FDA, and Beyond
  • Jayme Kresten Hansen Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Director of Resource Management, CFO
  • MiKe Lee HelloSmartBio CEO
  • Huy Phung BLUEBIO CEO

Special Session 3

  • Yeon Tae Min Agricultural Policy Insurance & Finance Service President Lead the Development of AgTech and FoodTech! Innovation of Fund of Funds for Agri-Food
  • Young ho Hong Korea Agriculture Technology Promotion Agency Director, Department of venture & Startup K-AgTech Reshapes the World
  • Ki Won Lee Seoul National University Professor Emergence of the Food Tech Industry
  • Ho-Jin Kang The Netherlands Embassy Agricultural Advisor Requirements for the development of hi-tech agri-food industry from lessons learned in the Netherlands
  • Seong-Bong Jeong Agricultural Policy Insurance & Finance Service Head of Investment Management Office
  • Jaeyoun Park Fresheasy CEO
  • Minsoo Kim The momma Group CEO
  • Joon-Min Kim Meta Investment LLC. CEO
  • Yongbum Kwon Thesewoom Co,. Ltd CEO